Published on June 16, 2022

Now someone like me who started off as a hairdresser when I was 18 and has managed to maintain presence in the men's grooming industry for the past 30 years nearly and lived in many countries, I have seen many trends come and go,

I have carried the flag for many, bleached, permed, straightened, you name it, I wore it.  I'm actually surprised my barnett has survived.  Fashion was no different, like most other males like me my trousers were tight, then got bleached and then became baggy. We experimented with headwear, we looked preppy then grungy, then ghetto, then Gecko, Then one day it stopped...

Whether from exhaustion from too many influences, too many other responsibilities, too many choices or perhaps a more comfortable understanding of one's self, I'm slowly finding myself happy (not complacent mind you) with how I view myself.  

I'm not sure how I would of fared as a teenager growing up in 2022, too many influencers in everything, but also I guess that provides more diversity to discover and perhaps one is more likely to find a match. 

So Men, I believe we are not doing anything wrong when it comes to our evolving image and sense of oneself, enjoy the ride, memories and casualties along the way and don't be so fast to critique the current trends abusing your eye's, apart from skinny calf jeans on men, WTF...

Preppy, Grungy,Ghetto,gecko  - Words : Trevor Studd

What defined you ?

At the time of writing this article I’m less than one year away from turning 50 and I find myself reflecting more on what I have accumulated along the way in regards to attaching myself to elements that we see as defining a man.

 I think back to being a young boy and searching out my favorite superhero in comics, then heading into my teens and looking more towards sports stars like Michael Jordan and Music icons like George Michael and Bono. These were defining times for me as a young man as I didn’t grow up with a father figure so the natural sense of oneself really started from scratch, including the image and style in which I wanted to be seen as